Start Road Safety early!

Everyone knows that toddlers can be unpredictable and know little about danger. As soon as a child can move, they are off exploring the world and its wonders.

It is important to encourage life skills from an early age.

For example, Children may hear and see traffic but are not yet able to understand how it might put their safety at risk.  They are small & are difficult for drivers to see in traffic.  Small Children are fast and unpredictable, putting themselves in danger in a flash.

Top Tips

  • Teach children the basics of road safety skills such as holding hands to keep them safe, this is the most effective way in doing just that – keeping them safe!
  • Help your children learn about road safety by talking with them about what you are doing to keep safe around traffic. For example: When it is safe to cross, why we need to stop and wait before crossing and what we have to keep checking until we are safely across the road, car park or driveway.
  • Remember, children are most likely to be injured close to their home, often in their own street or driveway. Discourage children playing on driveways; on average three children each year are killed or seriously injured on a family members drive way
  • Children become ‘road users’ from the minute they are brought home from hospital in their first car seat on their first car journey, this is where their road safety education begins, make it count!