Cycling at this age should be about developing confidence and ability on two wheels. At this age children will be progressing to a regular bicycle with pedals and no stabilisers. Simple gearing is recommended.

Bicycles should be maintained and kept in a good safe condition; and checked before each use. Sustrans have produced a guidance sheet on basic bike maintenance for children’s bikes:

Supervision is recommended and cycling should be kept to safe, traffic free routes. When taking your child out for a bike ride the adult should ride behind them.  If there are more adults in the group then situate them at the front and back. It is strongly recommended that children and adults should wear helmets whilst cycling. Sensible shoes and clothing are also recommended.

For details on traffic free routes in Kent go to:

Top Tips

  • Wear a helmet that fits you and make sure it strapped up
  • Plan your route ahead
  • Make sure you can be seen (lights and hi-vis)
  • Check your brakes and tyres on your bike before you set off
  • Ask your school about doing Bikeability
  • Dress appropriately for the weather
  • For longer rides make sure you take some water
  • Take a bike lock if you are planning on leaving your bike
  • Make sure your bike is a suitable size for you
  • Follow the highway code