Scooters have recently become very popular with both young and older children. It is good exercise and a wonderful way for a child to get around; however it is important that the riders ride sensibly especially as they are sharing the pavement with pedestrians.

There are a few pointers that must be considered when allowing a young child to use their scooter on the pavement.

Top Tips

  • Make sure the scooter is in working order
  • Make sure the brakes work
  • When buying a scooter you should consider purchasing a helmet.
  • Scooters should not be used on narrow or crowded pavements
  • Take care near driveways
  • The child should not cross the road on a scooter.
  • Be careful on slopes—scooters can pick up speed quickly!
  • Wearing fluorescent during the day and reflective on duller days will help people see them