In Car Safety

Road deaths still make up the biggest proportion of child deaths in the UK and in-car safety and the safe restraining of children in vehicles is vital to help save lives in the event of a collision. Every year in the UK over 40 babies and 350 children are killed or seriously injured in cars.

There is a huge variety of seats for parents to choose from for different weights/ages, and every seat has different installation instructions which parents need to follow carefully.  Why not check out the following short film on “YouTube” made by  Good Egg Safety

which deals with the 5 most common faults how child seats are fitted, including loose or twisted harnesses, padded clothing, ‘buckle crunch’ (where the adult belt rests on the child seat) and incorrect seat belt routing.

In Kent we hold Car Seat Clinics throughout the county and frequently find that around 75% - 85% of seats are incorrectly fitted, albeit some of these faults are classed as minor rather than major. Come along to one of our clinics listed at the end of the page, and get your seat checked FREE of charge, where you can ask our advice.  Remember, failure to comply with current laws carries a £100 fixed penalty.

It is important to ensure that the seat you choose is compatible with the car you intend to fit it in, so ask your retailer this question, and also get the retailer to demonstrate how the seat should be fitted.  For specialist advice, the In Car Safety Centre at Rayleigh would be pleased to answer any questions, either by telephone or in person (appointment needed). - 01702 808313            

Also you may like to check out the Blog produced by Good Egg Safety  which has different topics listed each week and the site may answer many of your questions.

Top Tips

  • A seat should not be used if it has been involved in a collision, is broken or has parts missing.
  • No part of the cars seat belt or the child’s harness should be twisted.
  • The child’s harness should be level with the child’s shoulders or (slightly below for rearward and slightly above for forward).
  • The seat belt buckle must not be pulled across the frame of the seat (buckle crunch).
  • If the car has underfloor storage boxes a seat with a support leg cannot be used.
  • It is vital that instructions are followed exactly when fitting the seat.
  • The safest place for the child to travel is in the back of the car, and the centre position, providing there is a diagonal seat  as this is furthest from any possible impact.


KCC Child Car Seat Clinics 2017

13th June
ASDA, Crossways, Greenhithe
09.45 - 12.45

4th July
ASDA, London Rd, Swanley BR8 7UN
10.00 - 13.00

11th July
Sainsburys, Wingfield Bank, Northfleet, Gravesend DA11 8JH
10.00 - 13.00

25th July
Hop Farm, Paddock Wood,
10.00 - 13.00

1st August
Sainsbury, Ashford,
10.00 - 13.00