Always teach young children to hold hands with an adult when they go out and don’t let them run ahead.

Make sure that young children always stop at the kerb and then look and listen for traffic. If they see traffic, it is not safe to cross.

Every time you & your child/ren stop at the kerb, train them to look both ways and to listen for vehicles that are not always easy to see, like cyclists, cars coming around a bend, etc.  Remind them that they must use their eyes & ears together when checking the road as sometimes you can hear traffic before you can see it.

Teach young children to be aware that cars on the road travel closest to you from the right.  This is why a pedestrian should normally look right first.  (Right, left, right etc)

Children under the age of ten may not able to judge speed, distance or the origin of sound as well as adults can, so they should look for bigger gaps than adults might look for.

Remember children copy adults so set a good example whenever you can, like waiting for the Green Man.

Be aware of driveways, cars may be backing out or driving in. Remember Stop, Look all around & listen.  This also applies to car parks too, children should learn of the potential dangers in car parks.

Teach children that if they are unable to see the driver, the driver will not be able to see the pedestrian.  Avoid crossing where your visibility is poor, for example: the brow of a hill, a corner or close to parked cars.