The scooter, also known as the kick scooter, has become a very popular way to travel to school. It is good exercise and a wonderful way to get around however falls and collisions with cars and pedestrians are disturbingly common. It is important that your child obeys a few Road Safety rules.

Top Tips

  • Scooters should not be used where they could cause danger
  • Scooters should not be used on narrow or crowded pavements.
  • Make sure the brakes work
  • Scooters must not be used on roads
  • Do not cross the road on the scooter--- get off and walk
  • Do not `bunny-hop` up on kerbs—leave the stunts for the skate parks!
  • Wearing fluorescent during the day and reflective on duller days will help people see them.
  • Do not use them at night---they cannot be seen!!!