JRSO Scheme

Junior Road Safety Officers have been in operation for around 20 years in some authorities in England. The scheme was introduced in Kent as a pilot and proved to be very successful. The scheme is now being offered to all Primary schools in Kent.

The ethos of the scheme is to empower children within their school to highlight road safety issues that affect them locally and raise awareness among pupils, teachers and the community.

Each Primary school is encouraged to select two JRSO`s from year 6, a position they keep for the whole year.

The children have to apply for the job giving reasons why they would be suitable.

How they can help the school.

  • Pupils experience working as a team and making decisions
  • Develops a sense of citizenship
  • Encourages a wide range of communication skills
  • Presents a positive image of the school as a safe and caring community, to parents and pupils.

What the school needs to provide

  • A notice board
  • A teacher/TA who can encourage and support them

What KCC Road Safety will provide

A road safety stationery kit

JRSO badges and access to high visibility waiscoats

Supply leaflets and posters for the notice board

The full support of a local JRSO Organiser

The scheme aims to offer all pupils, from every year, the opportunity to become more actively involved in Road Safety.

For more information please contact Sheila Spiers.