Theatre in Education (TIE)

Theatre in Education performances aims to educate young children through the power of entertainment.

The transition from Primary school to Secondary school is always difficult and statistically a child is more likely to be involved in a road collision between the ages of 12 – 15 years. This a time when they travel to school independently, when they are given a mobile phone or music player. These are all distractions when crossing the road.

In October and November we offer the Smart Brothers Road Safety Show to Primary schools in Kent. In order to cover all the schools around the County we alternate districts year on year.

This is a new Road Safety in Education production.  The performance has been written and produced by the popular Smart Brothers Team and is aimed at years 5 and 6.

As well as delivering general road safety messages in a fun and interactive way, it specifically highlights the need to be `B-Viz` as winter approach.

For more details please contact Sheila Spiers